On equalization of channels with ZP precoders

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On equalization of channels with ZP precoders
— In communication systems which used filter bank precoders with zero padding (ZP) at the transmitter, the effect of an FIR channel can be equalized without the use of IIR equalizers. In this paper a number of observations are made with regard to the noise gain created by the equalizer at the receiver. If the number of received samples per block actually utilized in equalization is reduced to the number of transmitted samples per block, then the noise gain can be very large for channels with zeros outside the unit circle. As the number of utilized received samples increases the situation improves. Most importantly, it is shown that when all the redundant samples in each block are utilized for estimation of transmitted symbols then the noise gain is not sensitive to whether the channel zeros are inside, on, or outside the unit circle, and depends only on the FIR channel autocorrelation.1
P. P. Vaidyanathan
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors P. P. Vaidyanathan
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