Error characteristics of ad hoc positioning systems (aps)

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Error characteristics of ad hoc positioning systems (aps)
APS algorithms use the basic idea of distance vector routing to find positions in an ad hoc network using only a fraction of landmarks, for example GPS enabled nodes. All the nodes in the network are assumed to have the possibility of measuring: range, angle of arrival (AOA), orientation, or a combination of them. We give a lower bound for positioning error in a multihop network for a range/angle free algorithm, and examine the error characteristics of four classes of multihop APS algorithms under various conditions, using theoretical analysis and simulations. Analysis of range/angle free, range based, angle based, and multimodal algorithms shows a complex tradeoff between the capabilities used, the density of the network, ratio of landmarks, and the quality of the positions obtained. Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.2 [Network protocols]: Applications; C.2.3 [Network operations]: Network Management Keywords Ad hoc networks, multihop positioning, ad hoc positioning system, APS, ...
Dragos Niculescu, Badri Nath
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Dragos Niculescu, Badri Nath
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