Error resilient image transport in wireless sensor networks

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Error resilient image transport in wireless sensor networks
In this paper, we propose an "in-network" diversity combining scheme for image transport over wireless sensor networks. We consider a wireless sensor network with both wireless link impairments and node failures. We analyze two performance metrics of the proposed image transport scheme: energy consumption and received image quality distortion. Our analysis models key aspects of the network including forward error correction, path diversity, and the multi-hop nature of ad-hoc networks. The channel model used is a two-state Markov model describing errors on the bit level. We also use a two-state Markov model of node transitions between an "on" and "off" state. Reed-Solomon coding is used for forward error correction. Theoretical and simulation results show the robustness improvement. This work also helps in understanding the tradeoffs between image quality distortion and energy consumption as a function of various network parameters such as the number of ho...
Huaming Wu, Alhussein A. Abouzeid
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CN
Authors Huaming Wu, Alhussein A. Abouzeid
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