Esophagus Segmentation by Spatially-Constrained Shape Interpolation

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Esophagus Segmentation by Spatially-Constrained Shape Interpolation
Abstract. The segmentation and visualization of the esophagus is helpful during planing and performing atrial ablation therapy to avoid esophageal injury. Only very few studies have addressed this segmentation problem which is challenging because the esophagus has a low contrast in medical images. In this work we present a technique to segment the esophagus based on the interpolation of Fourier descriptors of manually drawn contours. The interpolation is spatially-constrained using a dedicated correction term to avoid intersections with the convex shaped left atrial posterior wall. Our technique is fast, modality independent and achieves optimal results if at least three input contours are used. We validated our technique successfully with patient data and discuss the use of our technique in the clinical workflow.
Andreas Fieselmann, Stefan Lautenschläger, Fr
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Andreas Fieselmann, Stefan Lautenschläger, Frank Deinzer, Matthias John, Björn Poppe
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