Estimation of fitness landscape contours in EAs

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Estimation of fitness landscape contours in EAs
Evolutionary algorithms applied in real domain should profit from information about the local fitness function curvature. This paper presents an initial study of an evolutionary strategy with a novel approach for learning the covariance matrix of a Gaussian distribution. The learning method is based on estimation of the fitness landscape contour line between the selected and discarded individuals. The distribution learned this way is then used to generate new population members. The algorithm presented here is the first attempt to construct the Gaussian distribution this way and should be considered only a proof of concept; nevertheless, the empirical comparison on low-dimensional quadratic functions shows that our approach is viable and with respect to the number of evaluations needed to find a solution of certain quality, it is comparable to the state-of-the-art CMA-ES in case of sphere function and outperforms the CMA-ES in case of elliptical function. Categories and Subject D...
Petr Posík, Vojtech Franc
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Petr Posík, Vojtech Franc
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