On the Estimation of Join Result Sizes

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On the Estimation of Join Result Sizes
Abstract. Good estimates of join result sizes are critical for query optimization in relational database management systems. We address the problem of incrementally obtaining accurate and consistent estimates of join result sizes. We have invented a new rule for choosing join selectivities for estimating join result sizes. The rule is part of a new unified algorithm called Algorithm ELS (Equivalence and Largest Selectivity). Prior to computing any result sizes, equivalence classes are determined for the join columns. The algorithm also takes into account the effect of local predicates on table and column cardinalities. These computations allow the correct selectivity values for each eligible join predicate to be computed. We show that the algorithm is correct and gives better estimates than current estimation algorithms.
Arun N. Swami, K. Bernhard Schiefer
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Updated 09 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1994
Where EDBT
Authors Arun N. Swami, K. Bernhard Schiefer
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