Evaluating experience-focused HCI

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Evaluating experience-focused HCI
A growing trend in the field is the development of experience-focused HCI, which emphasizes the experience of using the technology, rather than the focus on the task that is characteristic of many other approaches HCI. A focus on experience also means that research concentrating on such technologies produces a different kind of knowledge than taskfocused HCI, and that this knowledge must be validated in different ways. Importantly, this focus means that evaluation techniques designed for evaluating taskfocused measures, such as classical notions of usability, are inadequate (although far from unnecessary) for the evaluation of experience. In this SIG, participants who are interested in designing, building or currently evaluating experience-focused projects will discuss ways to do so. This SIG is intended to appeal to a broad cross section of the CHI community, ranging from practitioners and developers to computer and social scientists. Keywords Experience, evaluation. ACM Classificati...
Joseph Kaye
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