Evaluating high accuracy retrieval techniques

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Evaluating high accuracy retrieval techniques
Although information retrieval research has always been concerned with improving the effectiveness of search, in some applications, such as information analysis, a more specific requirement exists for high accuracy retrieval. This means that achieving high precision in the top document ranks is paramount. In this paper we present work aimed at achieving high accuracy in ad-hoc document retrieval by incorporating approaches from question answering (QA). We focus on getting the first relevant result as high as possible in the ranked list and argue that traditional precision and recall are not appropriate measures for evaluating this task. We instead use the mean reciprocal rank (MRR) of the first relevant result. We evaluate three different methods for modifying queries to achieve high accuracy. The experiments done on TREC data provide support for the approach of using MRR and incorporating QA techniques for getting high accuracy in ad-hoc retrieval task. Categories and Subject Desc...
Chirag Shah, W. Bruce Croft
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Chirag Shah, W. Bruce Croft
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