Evaluating software refactoring tool support

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Evaluating software refactoring tool support
Up to 75% of the costs associated with the development of software systems occur post-deployment during maintenance and evolution. Software refactoring is a process which can significantly reduce the costs associated with software evolution. Refactoring is defined as internal modification of source code to improve system quality, without change to observable behaviour. Tool support for software refactoring attempts to further reduce evolution costs by automating manual, error-prone and tedious tasks. Although the process of refactoring is well-defined, tools supporting refactoring do not support the full process. Existing tools suffer from issues associated with the level of automation, the stages of the refactoring process supported or automated, the subset of refactorings that can be applied, and complexity of the supported refactorings. This paper presents a framework for evaluating software refactoring tool support based on the DESMET method. For the DESMET application, a func...
Erica Mealy, Paul A. Strooper
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Erica Mealy, Paul A. Strooper
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