Evaluating System Performance in Gigabit Networks

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Evaluating System Performance in Gigabit Networks
- With the current wide deployment of Gigabit Ethernet technology in the backbone and workgroup switches, the network performance bottleneck has shifted for the first time in nearly a decade from the network to the end hosts and servers. This dramatic bandwidth increase calls for optimizations and good design considerations in many key components of the hosts and servers. These key components include network adaptor, operating system, protocol stack, memory, and processing power. More importantly the high bandwidth increase can negatively impact the OS performance due to the interrupt overhead caused by the incoming gigabit traffic. This paper presents models and analytical techniques for studying such a negative impact. We first present an analytical model for the ideal system when interrupt overhead is ignored. We then present two models which describe the impact of high interrupt rate on system throughput. One model is for network adaptors not equipped with DMA engines, and the othe...
Khaled Salah, K. El-Badawi
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where LCN
Authors Khaled Salah, K. El-Badawi
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