Evaluating very large datalog queries on social networks

12 years 10 months ago
Evaluating very large datalog queries on social networks
We consider a near future scenario in which users of a Web 2.0 application, such as a social network, contribute to the application not only data, but also rules which automatically query, utilize and create the data. For example, a user of a social network can define rules that automatically manage the user’s friends list, the sending of various announcements, filtering of messages and more. We examine the probable case of automated addition of connections by a participant. The connections to be added are defined using a query, associated to each participant. For this, we introduce and study the Query Network model, a graph-based model in which every node models a network participant and is associated with a Datalog rule. The union of all these individual user rules constitutes a very large, recursive, Datalog program whose size is of the order of magnitude of the size of the data being queried (data whose size in a social network can easily exceed 1TB). This greatly differs fr...
Royi Ronen, Oded Shmueli
Added 24 Jul 2010
Updated 24 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where EDBT
Authors Royi Ronen, Oded Shmueli
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