Evaluating whole-page relevance

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Evaluating whole-page relevance
Whole page relevance defines how well the surface-level representation of all elements on a search result page and the corresponding holistic attributes of the presentation respond to users’ information needs. We introduce a method for evaluating the whole-page relevance of Web search engine results pages. Our key contribution is that the method allows us to investigate aspects of component relevance that are difficult or impossible to judge in isolation. Such aspects include component-level information redundancy and cross-component coherence. The method we describe complements traditional document relevance measurement, affords comparative relevance assessment across multiple search engines, and facilitates the study of important factors such as brand presentation effects and component-level quality. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.3.4 [Systems and Software]: Performance evaluation (efficiency and effectiveness) General Terms Design, Experimentation, Measurement Keywords Web ...
Peter Bailey, Nick Craswell, Ryen W. White, Liwei
Added 25 Aug 2010
Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Authors Peter Bailey, Nick Craswell, Ryen W. White, Liwei Chen, Ashwin Satyanarayana, Seyed M. M. Tahaghoghi
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