Evaluating a workspace's usefulness for image retrieval

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Evaluating a workspace's usefulness for image retrieval
Image searching is a creative process. We have proposed a novel image retrieval system that supports creative search sessions by allowing the user to organise their search results on a workspace. The workspace’s usefulness is evaluated in a task-oriented and user-centred comparative experiment, involving design professionals and several types of realistic search tasks. In particular, we focus on its effect on task conceptualisation and query formulation. A traditional relevance feedback system serves as a baseline. The results of this study show that the workspace is more useful in terms of both of the above aspects and that the proposed approach leads to a more effective and enjoyable search experience. This paper also highlights the influence of tasks on the users’ search and organisation strategy. Keywords User evaluation · Image retrieval · Relevance feedback · Workspace · Recommendation system
Jana Urban, Joemon M. Jose
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Updated 27 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2007
Where MMS
Authors Jana Urban, Joemon M. Jose
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