An evaluation system for news video streams and blogs

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An evaluation system for news video streams and blogs
When we want information on current events, we often view news programs on TV or news streams on Web sites. A news video stream consists of several scenes, and viewers often gain a broad understanding of the news by viewing scenes in the given order. Since a viewer’s opinion of a news topic will depend on the scene order, we have developed a method for extracting blog entries expressing a particular point of view regarding news topics where we use a form of evaluation and categorization similar to that based on news scene order. In this paper, we describe our method of news evaluation based on news scene order and explain how a blog search can be done using a news stream. Categories and Subject Descriptors H.3 [Information Systems Applications]: Information Search and Retrieval General Terms Documentation, Human Factors Keywords News video stream, Scene order, Blog, Blog search, Evaluation
Daisuke Kitayama, Kazutoshi Sumiya
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Where SAC
Authors Daisuke Kitayama, Kazutoshi Sumiya
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