Event-Join Optimization in Temporal Relational Databases

10 years 2 months ago
Event-Join Optimization in Temporal Relational Databases
An Event-Join combinestemporaljoin and outerjoin properties into a single operation. It is mostly used to group temporal attributes of an entity into a single relation. In this paper, we motivate the need to support the efficient processing of event-joins, and introduce severaloptimization algorithms, both for a general data organization and for specialized organizations (sorted and append-only databases).For the append-only databasewe introduce a data structure that can improve the performance of event-joins as well as other queries. Finally, we evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms.
Arie Segev, Himawan Gunadhi
Added 11 Aug 2010
Updated 11 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1989
Where VLDB
Authors Arie Segev, Himawan Gunadhi
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