Event Processing - past, present and future

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Event Processing - past, present and future
Analysts have marked Event Processing as the most growing segment in enterprise computing during years 2008 and 2009, furthermore, this trend is expected to continue. Many of the large and medium software companies (IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, Progress Software, Software AG and TIBCO) are now offering event processing products as well as a collection of smaller companies. Other indications for the emerging nature of this area are: extensive coverage by analysts as a separate area, the establishment of a dedicated research community with an annual conference (DEBS), and the establishment of a consortium that includes vendors and academic people as EPTS (Event Processing Technical Society) . The early event processing commercial products were mostly descendents of research projects rooted in multiple disciplines, some of them are data management disciplines (active databases, data stream management, temporal databases) and some are rooted in other areas (discre...
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