Event, Property, and Hierarchy in Order-Sorted Logic

10 years 8 months ago
Event, Property, and Hierarchy in Order-Sorted Logic
Knowledge representation in logics, even in the order-sorted logic that includes a sort hierarchy, tends to lose the conciseness and the nuances of natural language. If we could construct a logic that includes both predicates and terms as classes in the hierarchies, it would be very useful for connecting general knowledge to speci c knowledge. Although there are actually logics that are equipped with such a predicate hierarchy, they are built by logical implication and they cause the problem of predicate uni cation between di erent argument structures. In this paper, we present a logic language with a class hierarchy of predicates, where in the uni cation of predicates we devise a mechanism for deriving superordinate predicates in the hierarchy and for quantifying supplementary arguments. The arguments are quanti ed di erently, depending on whether a predicate is interpreted as an occurrence of an event or a universal property. Thus, we include the distinction between events and prope...
Ken Kaneiwa, Satoshi Tojo
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ICLP
Authors Ken Kaneiwa, Satoshi Tojo
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