Evidence of phase transitions in heart period dynamics

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Evidence of phase transitions in heart period dynamics
Complexity measures of non-linear dynamics are a useful tool for quantifying observed stretching, folding, scaling and mixing processes in the Takens-reconstructed state space of heart period dynamics. Although such measures are not suited to provide evidence of deterministic chaos or to estimate true fractal dimensions and Lyapunov spectra in heart period time series, they allow the classification of RR dynamics and the identification of changes in RR complexity (RRC). The aim of this study was to develop appropriate measures and examine their utility in identifying the physiological effect of changes between the sleeping and waking state. Twenty-four hour electrocardiography (ECG) recordings and diaries noting their waking/sleeping period were obtained from 78 healthy subjects, aged 20 to 55 years. The approximate information dimension (ApD1) and the approximate Kolmogorov entropy (ApEn), introduced by Pincus, Kaplan and others, were modified in order to allow the calculation of s...
Henrik Bettermann, Peter Van Leeuwen
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Year 1998
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Authors Henrik Bettermann, Peter Van Leeuwen
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