The Evolution of the DARWIN System

11 years 5 months ago
The Evolution of the DARWIN System
DARWIN is a web-based system for presenting the results of wind-tunnel testing and computational model analyses to aerospace designers. DARWIN captures the data, maintains the information, and manages derived knowledge (e.g. visualizations) of large quantities of aerospace data. In addition, it provides tools and an environment for distributed collaborative engineering. We are currently constructing the third version of the DARWIN software system. DARWIN’s development history has, in some sense, tracked the development of web applications. The 1995 DARWIN reflected the latest web technologies—CGI scripts, Java applets and a three-layer architecture—available at that time. The 1997 version of DARWIN expanded on this base, making extensive use of a plethora of web technologies, including Java/JavaScript and Dynamic HTML. While more powerful, this multiplicity has proven to be a maintenance and development headache. The 2000 version of DARWIN will provide a more stable and uniform ...
Joan D. Walton, Robert E. Filman, David J. Korsmey
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where SAC
Authors Joan D. Walton, Robert E. Filman, David J. Korsmeyer
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