Evolutionary Design of Virtual Plants

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Evolutionary Design of Virtual Plants
- This paper presents a technique of evolutionary design for plants in virtual worlds, inspired from Richard Dawkins' adaptive walks within the space of biomorph structures. The design is carried out by interactive sessions with a multi-agent platform of generic virtual plants. The plants, growing in a three-dimensional environment, are based upon the fusion between a two-substrate transport-resistance model and an L-system formalism. Two simulations highlight the interest of modeling interactions with the environment and a framework of physiological processes for resource management. Resource assimilation allows obtaining growth differences between the individuals depending on their access to light and soil minerals. Resource flow and allocation inside the virtual plants induce phenotypic plasticity. These dynamics contribute to a range of adaptive growth patterns.
Stefan Bornhofen, Claude Lattaud
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where CGVR
Authors Stefan Bornhofen, Claude Lattaud
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