An Examination of Digital Forensic Models

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An Examination of Digital Forensic Models
Law enforcement is in a perpetual race with criminals in the application of digital technologies, and requires the development of tools to systematically search digital devices for pertinent evidence. Another part of this race, and perhaps more crucial, is the development of a methodology in digital forensics that encompasses the forensic analysis of all genres of digital crime scene investigations. This paper explores the development of the digital forensics process, compares and contrasts four particular forensic methodologies, and finally proposes an model of the digital forensic procedure. This model attempts to address some of the shortcomings of previous methodologies, and provides the following advantages: a consistent and standardized framework for digital forensic tool development; a mechanism for applying the framework to future digital technologies; a generalized methodology that judicial members can use to relate technology to non-technical observers; and, the potential fo...
Mark Reith, Clint Carr, Gregg H. Gunsch
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Updated 22 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where IJDE
Authors Mark Reith, Clint Carr, Gregg H. Gunsch
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