An Exception Monitoring System for Java

12 years 9 months ago
An Exception Monitoring System for Java
Exception mechanism is important for the development of robust programs to make sure that exceptions are handled appropriately at run-time. In this paper, we develop a dynamic exception monitoring system, which can trace handling and propagation of thrown exceptions in real-time. With this tool, programmers can examine exception handling process in more details and handle exceptions more effectively. Programmers can also trace only interesting exceptions by selecting options before execution. It can also provides profile information after execution, which summarizes exception handling in each method during execution. To reduce performance overhead, we implement the system based on code inlining, and presents some experimental results.
Heejung Ohe, Byeong-Mo Chang
Added 02 Jul 2010
Updated 02 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Where RISE
Authors Heejung Ohe, Byeong-Mo Chang
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