Exemplar-Based Face Recognition from Video

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Exemplar-Based Face Recognition from Video
Abstract. A new exemplar-based probabilistic approach for face recognition in video sequences is presented. The approach has two stages: First, Exemplars, which are selected representatives from the raw video, are automatically extracted from gallery videos. The exemplars are used to summarize the gallery video information. In the second part, exemplars are then used as centers for probabilistic mixture distributions for the tracking and recognition process. Probabilistic methods are attractive in this context as they allow a systematic handling of uncertainty and an elegant way for fusing temporal information. Contrary to some previous video-based approaches, our approach is not limited to a certain image representation. It rather enhances known ones, such as the PCA, with temporal fusion and uncertainty handling. Experiments demonstrate the effectiveness of each of the two stages. We tested this approach on more than 100 training and testing sequences, with 25 different individuals.
Shaohua Kevin Zhou, Volker Krüger
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Type Conference
Year 2002
Where ECCV
Authors Shaohua Kevin Zhou, Volker Krüger
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