Exploiting multiple functionality for nano-scale reconfigurable systems

10 years 6 months ago
Exploiting multiple functionality for nano-scale reconfigurable systems
It is likely that it will become increasingly difficult to manufacture the complex, heterogeneous logic structures that characterise current reconfigurable logic systems. As a result, these systems may come to be characterised by vast arrays of largely identical devices that are differentiated via postfabrication configuration – but only if low-overhead configuration can be achieved. Two simulation studies are presented that describe some ideas for achieving low-overhead reconfigurability in systems built from nano-scale components. The first is based on variable-threshold devices built from thin-body double gate transistors while a second, more speculative idea is based on recently identified resonant tunneling behaviour in carbon nanotubes. Various logic functions can be configured via the application of a simple bias voltage. Further, two approaches to the issue of generating the required bias voltages based on RTD devices and chalcogenide films are briefly explored. Categories a...
Paul Beckett
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Paul Beckett
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