Exploiting Redundancy for Timeliness in TCP Boston

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Exploiting Redundancy for Timeliness in TCP Boston
While ATM bandwidth-reservation techniques are able to o er the guarantees necessary for the delivery of real-time streams in many applications (e.g. live audio and video), they su er from many disadvantages that make them inattractive (or impractical) for many others. These limitations coupled with the exibility and popularity of TCP/IP as a best-e ort transport protocol have prompted the network research community to propose and implement a number of techniques that adapt TCP/IP to the Available Bit Rate (ABR) and Unspeci ed Bit Rate (UBR) services in ATM network environments. This allows these environments to smoothly integrate (and make use of) currently available TCP-based applications and services without much (if any) modi cations. However, recent studies have shown that TCP/IP, when implemented over ATM networks, is susceptible to serious performance limitations. In a recently completed study, we have unveiled a new transport protocol, TCP Boston, that turns ATM's 53-byte...
Azer Bestavros, Gitae Kim
Added 06 Aug 2010
Updated 06 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where RTAS
Authors Azer Bestavros, Gitae Kim
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