Exploring Geo-Scientific Data in Virtual Environments

9 years 11 months ago
Exploring Geo-Scientific Data in Virtual Environments
This paper describes tools and techniques for the exploration of geo-scientific data from the oil and gas domain in stereoscopic virtual environments. The two main sources of data in the exploration task are seismic volumes and multivariate well logs of physical properties down a bore hole. We have developed a props-based interaction device called the cubic mouse to allow more direct and intuitive interaction with a cubic seismic volume. This device effectively places the seismic cube in the user's hand. Geologists who have tried this device have been enthusiastic about the ease of use, and were adept only a few moments after picking it up. We have also developed a multi-modal visualisation and sonification technique for the dense, multivariate well log data. The visualisation can show two well log variables mapped along the well geometry in a bivariate colour scheme, and another variable on a sliding lens. A sonification probe is attached to the lens so that other variables can ...
Bernd Fröhlich, Stephen Barrass, Björn Z
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Bernd Fröhlich, Stephen Barrass, Björn Zehner, John Plate, Martin Göbel
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