Exploring Human-Robot Interaction Through Telepresence Board Games

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Exploring Human-Robot Interaction Through Telepresence Board Games
Abstract. This paper presents an experimental test bed for exploring and evaluating human-robot interaction (HRI). Our system is designed around the concept of playing board games involving collaboration between humans and robots in a shared physical environment. Unlike the classic human-versusmachine situation often established in computer-based board games, our test bed takes advantage of the rich interaction opportunities that arise when humans and robots play collaboratively as a team. To facilitate interaction within a shared physical environment, our game is played on a large checkerboard where human and robotic players can be situated and play as game pieces. With meaningful interaction occurring within this controlled setup, various aspects of human-robot interaction can be easily explored and evaluated such as interaction methods and robot behaviour. In this paper we present our test bed which uses a telepresence interface for playing the game and the results of a user study d...
Min Xin, Ehud Sharlin
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ICAT
Authors Min Xin, Ehud Sharlin
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