Exploring Representation Problems Using Hypertext

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Exploring Representation Problems Using Hypertext
Hypertext is a technology well-suited to exploring different kinds of representational problems. It can be used first as an informal mechanism to describe the attributes of objects and to capture relationships between the objects. Then hypertext structures can be constrained into a more formal representation of a domain, model, or analytic technique. A range of strategies for using hypertext can be employed to describe a problem and converge on an appropriate representation; competing representations can be informally evaluated to compare their relative expressive power. This paper discusses several applications that have used NoteCards, a hypertext idea processing system, to tackle representation problems. Examples from each problem domain have been collected using the hypertext system as the initial acquisition vehicle. Subsequent analysis using hypertext structuring tools has revealed the semantics of each problem domain the development of competing representations. Abstraction of ...
Catherine C. Marshall
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Year 1987
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