Expressive textures

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Expressive textures
If a moving image is more expressive than words or than a still image, then an animated facial expression can explain more in depth the feelings of a virtual character. Facial animation has been used in many applications, from entertainment to research on virtual humans and tele-presence. The aim of most of the approaches is to achieve high degrees of realism of virtual characters and is supplemented by complex models of kinematics, muscle movement, movement of clothing as well as cognition and behavioral models. Video avatars and image-based techniques are also used for creating virtual humans. However, the complexity of the geometric and physically simulated facial models used by the above methods make them unsuitable for use in distributed collaborative virtual environments running on low bandwidth networks or over the internet. Therefore, the majority of approaches for such environments are using simplified models of virtual human, which the obvious disadvantage of lower degrees o...
K. Fei
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Year 2001
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