Extending AspectJ for separating regions

9 years 4 months ago
Extending AspectJ for separating regions
Synchronization is a good candidate for an aspect in aspectoriented programming (AOP) since programmers have to choose the best granularity of synchronization for the underlying hardware to obtain the best execution performance. If synchronization is an aspect, programmers can change the synchronization code independently of the rest of the program when the program runs on different hardware. However, existing AOP languages such as AspectJ have problems. They cannot select an arbitrary code region as a join point. Moreover, they cannot enforce weaving of a synchronization aspect. Since it is an alternative feature in feature modeling, at least one of available synchronization aspects must be woven. Otherwise, the program would be thread-unsafe. Since an aspect in AspectJ is inherently optional, programmers must be responsible for weaving it. To solve these problems, this paper proposes two new constructs for AspectJ, regioncut and assertions for advice. Regioncut selects arbitrary cod...
Shumpei Akai, Shigeru Chiba
Added 25 Jul 2010
Updated 25 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2009
Where GPCE
Authors Shumpei Akai, Shigeru Chiba
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