Extending Fuzzy Description Logics with a Possibilistic Layer

10 years 4 months ago
Extending Fuzzy Description Logics with a Possibilistic Layer
Classical ontologies are not suitable to represent imprecise nor uncertain pieces of information. As a solution we will combine fuzzy Description Logics with a possibilistic layer. Then, we will show how to perform reasoning by relying on classical existing reasoners. Description Logics (DLs for short) are a family of logics for representing structured knowledge which have proved to be very useful as ontology languages. Nevertheless, it has been widely pointed out that classical ontologies are not appropriate to deal with imprecise, vague and uncertain knowledge, which is inherent to several real-world domains and Semantic Web tasks (e.g. the integration or merging of ontologies). Fuzzy and possibilistic logics have proved to be suitable formalisms to handle imprecise/vague and uncertain knowledge respectively. Fuzzy and possibilistic logics are orthogonal, the former handling degrees of truth and the latter handling degrees of certainty. There exist several fuzzy and possibilistic ext...
Fernando Bobillo, Miguel Delgado, Juan Góme
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Fernando Bobillo, Miguel Delgado, Juan Gómez-Romero
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