On Extending Symmetry Sets for 2D Shapes

9 years 2 months ago
On Extending Symmetry Sets for 2D Shapes
Many attempts have been made to represent families of 2D shapes in a simpler way. These approaches lead to so-called structures as the Symmetry Set (SS) and a subset of it, the Medial Axes (MA). While the latter is commonly used, the former is still in the mathematical research stage. One reason for this is that in contrast to the SS, the MA can be computed efficiently and fast, and yields one connected component for a closed shape. In this paper a natural complement of the symmetry set, called the AntiSymmetry Set (ASS), is used to connect components bearing the full richness of the symmetry set. Secondly, new ways are presented to visualize these sets. One uses the radius of the describing circle as extra dimension, the other, the so-called pre-Symmetry Set (pre-SS), uses the parameter space. Example shapes show the extra information carried in the ASS and the pre-SS in determining the special points on the SS as well as revealing the structure of the SS in more detail. They are also...
Arjan Kuijper, Ole Fogh Olsen
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where SSPR
Authors Arjan Kuijper, Ole Fogh Olsen
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