Extraction in software watermarking

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Extraction in software watermarking
The widespread use of the Internet makes software piracy and unauthorized modification easier and more frequent. Among the many techniques developed for protecting software copyrights is software watermarking which embeds secret messages into software to identify its owners and developers. While digital watermarking for media such as video, audio, and text is a popular research field, software watermarking is still a relatively new scientific area. The key concepts in software watermarking are informal; some are even confusing. Formalizing these fundamental terms would facilitate the research in this field. In this paper, we formally define the following concepts involved in embedding watermarks into and extracting watermarks from a program in software watermarking: embedding, set of candidate watermarks, representative set, representative degree, extracting, extractability, blindly extractability, and representative extracting. Through the concepts of the representative sets and...
William Zhu, Clark D. Thomborson
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Updated 14 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors William Zhu, Clark D. Thomborson
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