Face and Facial Feature Localization

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Face and Facial Feature Localization
Abstract. In this paper we present a general technique for face and facial features localization in 2D color images with arbitrary background. In a previous work we studied an eye localization module, here we focus on mouth localization. Given in input an image that depicts a sole person, first we exploit the color information to limit the search area to candidate mouth regions, then we determine the exact mouth position by means of a SVM trained for the purpose. In this way we achieve both the localization of the face and of its mouth, so exploiting the advantages of component based approaches, like the treatment of partial occlusions and pose independence. The algorithm is also robust to scale and illumination variations. We report the results of the separate modules of the single feature classifiers and their combination on images of several public databases.
Paola Campadelli, Raffaella Lanzarotti, Giuseppe L
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Paola Campadelli, Raffaella Lanzarotti, Giuseppe Lipori, Eleonora Salvi
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