Face recognition with one training image per person

11 years 5 months ago
Face recognition with one training image per person
: Recently, a method called (PC)2 A was proposed to deal with face recognition with one training image per person. As an extension of the standard eigenface technique, (PC)2 A combines linearly each original face image with its corresponding first-order projection into a new face and then performs principal component analysis (PCA) on a set of the newly combined (training) images. It was reported that (PC)2 A could achieve higher accuracy than the eigenface technique through using 10%-15% fewer eigenfaces. In this paper, we generalize and further enhance (PC)2 A along two directions. In the first direction, we combine the original image with its second-order projections as well as its first-order projection in order to acquire more information from the original face, and then similarly apply PCA to such a set of the combined images. In the second direction, instead of combining them, we still regard the projections of each original image as single derived images to augment training ima...
Jianxin Wu, Zhi-Hua Zhou
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Updated 23 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2002
Where PRL
Authors Jianxin Wu, Zhi-Hua Zhou
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