Facilitating Ontology Development with Continuous Evaluation

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Facilitating Ontology Development with Continuous Evaluation
In this paper we propose facilitating ontology development by constant evaluation of steps in the process of ontology development. Existing methodologies for ontology development are complex and they require technical knowledge that business users and developers don't poses. By introducing ontology completeness indicator developer is guided throughout the development process and constantly aided by recommendations to progress to next step and improve the quality of ontology. In evaluating the ontology, several aspects are considered; from description, partition, consistency, redundancy and to anomaly. The applicability of the approach was demonstrated on Financial Instruments and Trading Strategies (FITS) ontology with comparison to other approaches.
Dejan Lavbic, Marjan Krisper
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Updated 05 Mar 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Authors Dejan Lavbic, Marjan Krisper
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