Fact Spaces: Coordination in the Face of Disconnection

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Fact Spaces: Coordination in the Face of Disconnection
Coordination languages for ad hoc networks with a fluid topology do not offer adequate support to detect and deal with device disconnection. Such a disconnection is particularly relevant if the device provided context information rather than emitting messages, as such context information then becomes invalid. This paper proposed the Fact Space Model which establishes a logic coordination language on top of Lime’s federated tuple space. In the model, the federated space offers applications a consistent view of their environment over which they can reason using logic rules. These rules encode which conclusions may be drawn from the presence of particular facts, and are similarly used to ensure the consistency of these conclusions when devices go out of range. By allowing applications to add application-specific hooks to these rules, the application programmer is offered a general-purpose mechanism to respond to the discovery and disconnection of devices.
Stijn Mostinckx, Christophe Scholliers, Eline Phil
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Stijn Mostinckx, Christophe Scholliers, Eline Philips, Charlotte Herzeel, Wolfgang De Meuter
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