Facts and Myths of Enigma: Breaking Stereotypes

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Facts and Myths of Enigma: Breaking Stereotypes
In spite of a relatively large number of publications about breaking Enigma by the Allies before and during the World War II, this subject remains relatively unknown not only to the general public, but also to people professionally involved in cryptological research. For example, the story of Enigma is rarely a part of a modern textbook on cryptology or a modern course on cryptography and network security. There exist multiple reasons for this situation. First, there are still a few unresolved issues, resulting from conflicting reports, the lack of reliable sources, and a long period required for declassifying documents related to any cryptological activity during the World War II. Secondly, the issue is highly political, and there is little consensus in weighing the contribution of all involved countries. Thirdly, many contemporary cryptologists honestly believe that there is little to learn from the analysis of old cryptosystems, because of the tremendous progress in theory and pract...
Kris Gaj, Arkadiusz Orlowski
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Year 2003
Authors Kris Gaj, Arkadiusz Orlowski
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