Fair and Reliable Self-stabilizing Communication

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Fair and Reliable Self-stabilizing Communication
We assume a link-register communication model under read/write atomicity, where every process can read from but cannot write into its neighbours' registers. The paper presents two self-stabilizing protocols for basic fair and reliable link communication primitives. The rst primitive guarantees that any process writes a new value in its register(s) only after all its neighbours have read the previous value, whatever the initial scheduling of processes' actions. The second primitive implements a weak rendezvous communication mechanism by using an alternating bit protocol: whenever a process consecutively writes n values (possibly the same ones) in a register, each neighbour is guaranteed to read each value from the register at least once. Both protocols are self-stabilizing and run in asynchronous arbitrary networks. The goal of the paper is in handling each primitive by a separate procedure, which can be used as a black box in more involved self-stabilizing protocols.
Ivan Lavallée, Christian Lavault, Colette J
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Ivan Lavallée, Christian Lavault, Colette Johnen
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