Fair Noiseless Broadcast Source Coding

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Fair Noiseless Broadcast Source Coding
We present a noiseless source coding problem in a broadcast environment and supply a simple solution to this problem. A transmitter wishes to transmit a binary random vector Ò ½ ´ ½ ¾ Òµ to Ò receivers, where receiver is only interested in the component A source encoding is a binary sequence ´ ½ ¾ µ which is chosen by the transmitter. The expected time at which the Ø receiver determines (with probability one) is denoted ´ µ This means that the initial segment ´ ½ ¾ ´ µµ of the encoding allows unique decoding of We define the performance measure Ä´Òµ Ñ Ò Ñ Ü ´ µ where the minimization is over all possible encodings, and wish to approach it by practical schemes. For the case of independent but not necessarily identically distributed Bernoulli sources, we demonstrate (randomized) encoding schemes for which Ð ÑÒ ½ Ñ Ü ´ µ ´Ò·½µ ¾ ½ where Ò·½ ¾ is the arithmetic mean of the values ´ ´ µµÒ ½ obtained by the naive scheme . In the naive...
Serdar Boztas
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Type Conference
Year 2003
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Authors Serdar Boztas
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