A Family of Trapdoor Ciphers

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A Family of Trapdoor Ciphers
This paper presents several methods to construct trapdoor block ciphers. A trapdoor cipher contains some hidden structure; knowledge of this structure allows an attacker to obtain information on the key or to decrypt certain ciphertexts. Without this trapdoor information the block cipher seems to be secure. It is demonstrated that for certain block ciphers, trapdoors can be built-in that make the cipher susceptible to linear cryptanalysis; however, finding these trapdoors can be made very hard, even if one knows the general form of the trapdoor. In principle such a trapdoor can be used to design a public key encryption scheme based on a conventional block cipher.
Vincent Rijmen, Bart Preneel
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Updated 07 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1997
Where FSE
Authors Vincent Rijmen, Bart Preneel
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