Fast adaptive elliptical filtering using box splines

10 years 8 months ago
Fast adaptive elliptical filtering using box splines
We demonstrate that it is possible to filter an image with an elliptic window of varying size, elongation and orientation with a fixed computational cost per pixel. Our method involves the application of a suitable global pre-integrator followed by a pointwise-adaptive localization mesh. We present the basic theory for the 1D case using a B-spline formalism and then appropriately extend it to 2D using radially-uniform box splines. The size and ellipticity of these radially-uniform box splines is adaptively controlled. Moreover, they converge to Gaussians as the order increases. Finally, we present a fast and practical directional filtering algorithm that has the capability of adapting to the local image features.
Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Kunal Narayan Chaudh
Added 20 Oct 2009
Updated 20 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2008
Where ICIP
Authors Arrate Muñoz-Barrutia, Kunal Narayan Chaudhury, Michael Unser
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