Fast and extensible building modeling from airborne LiDAR data

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Fast and extensible building modeling from airborne LiDAR data
This paper presents an automatic algorithm which reconstructs building models from airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging) data of urban areas. While our algorithm inherits the typical building reconstruction pipeline, several major distinct features are developed to enhance efficiency and robustness: 1) we design a novel vegetation detection algorithm based on differential geometry properties and unbalanced SVM; 2) after roof patch segmentation, a fast boundary extraction method is introduced to produce topology-correct water tight boundaries; 3) instead of making assumptions on the angles between roof boundary lines, we propose a data-driven algorithm which automatically learns the principal directions of roof boundaries and uses them in footprint production. Furthermore, we show the extendability of our algorithm by supporting non-flat object patterns with the help of only a few user interactions. We demonstrate the efficiency and accuracy of our algorithm by showing experimen...
Qian-Yi Zhou, Ulrich Neumann
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Where GIS
Authors Qian-Yi Zhou, Ulrich Neumann
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