Fast Connection Establishment in the DTM Gigabit Network

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Fast Connection Establishment in the DTM Gigabit Network
Dynamic synchronous Transfer Mode (DTM) is a new protocol suite based on synchronous fast circuit switching. The DTM network is based on bandwidth reservation and supports dynamic reallocation of bandwidth. It is designed to support real-time multimedia applications and high-speed computer communication. DTM uses a novel medium-access technique and provides a multicast connection-oriented service. In this paper, the connection establishment in the DTM network is discussed and a scheme for fast connection establishment is presented. The scheme allows for fast set-up of channels which results in an efficient usage of the network's bandwidth and a short access delay for the user. Buffer handling and memory management implementations at a host interface supporting this scheme are also presented. Keyword Codes: C.2.0, C.2.1, C.2.2
Per Lindgren, Christer Bohm
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where HPN
Authors Per Lindgren, Christer Bohm
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