Fast Heterogeneous Binary Data Interchange

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Fast Heterogeneous Binary Data Interchange
Dramatic increasesin availablewide-area bandwidth have driven event-basedmonitoring to new heights. Monitoring services are widely used in today's distributed laboratories, where scientists interact with scienti c instruments and collaborate with each other regardless of their, or the instrument's, location. This paper addresses binary data transfer support in a distributed laboratory. Binary data transfer, a core service of most event-based monitoring approaches, is provided by PBIO Portable Binary Input Output. PBIO o ers applications signi cantly more exibility in message exchange than other approaches in current use. Further, comparison between PBIO and both MPI and XML show PBIO to be a favorable transport mechanism for today's high performance distributed laboratory applications. The paper demonstrates the need for fast heterogeneous binary data interchange in large-scale eventbased monitoring applications e.g. distributed laboratory and argues its relevance e...
Greg Eisenhauer, Lynn K. Daley
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Updated 31 Jul 2010
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where HCW
Authors Greg Eisenhauer, Lynn K. Daley
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