Fast method of segmentation and indexing MPEG1-2 flow

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Fast method of segmentation and indexing MPEG1-2 flow
Multimedia data accessibility depends on a precise indexing, involving a computational cost. This paper proposes a new fast method of segmentation and indexing in order to fill out in an automatic way several MPEG7 [1] fields (e.g. camera and objects movement). In order to accelerate segmentation process, we exploit most of the information contained in MPEG1-2 flow [2], the decompression is restricted to entropic decoding and inverse quantization, the estimation of the camera movement is obtained from MPEG1-2 movement prediction. Segmentation in homogeneous color zones is obtained by a "split and merge" algorithm improved by a B-Splines active contour segmentation regularization [3].
Lionel Brunel, Pierre Mathieu
Added 01 Nov 2010
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where VCIP
Authors Lionel Brunel, Pierre Mathieu
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