Fast power grid simulation

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Fast power grid simulation
The decrease in feature size and added chip functionality in large sub-micron integrated circuits demand larger grids for power distribution. Since power grids are performance limiting factors [1, 2, 3], then their analysis is important in order to (1) predict the performance and (2) improve the performance if necessary. Thus, there is a clear need for new efficient, in terms of both execution time and memory, techniques for power grid analysis. This paper discusses the modeling of power grids and proposes a new PDE-like multigrid method for the simulation of power grids. The proposed method is very efficient and suitable for both DC and transient simulation of power grids. 1 Modeling of Power Grids The first step in power grid analysis involves modeling the grids and the power sources and drains [4]. Typically, power distribution within an integrated circuit is done from the top-level metal layer, which is connected to the package, down through inter-layer vias and finally to the...
Sani R. Nassif, Joseph N. Kozhaya
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Where DAC
Authors Sani R. Nassif, Joseph N. Kozhaya
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