Fault Localization With Nearest Neighbor Queries

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Fault Localization With Nearest Neighbor Queries
We present a method for performing fault localization using similar program spectra. Our method assumes the existence of a faulty run and a larger number of correct runs. It then selects according to a distance criterion the correct run that most resembles the faulty run, compares the spectra corresponding to these two runs, and produces a report of “suspicious” parts of the program. Our method is widely applicable because it does not require any knowledge of the program input and no more information from the user than a classification of the runs as either “correct” or “faulty”. To experimentally validate the viability of the method, we implemented it in a tool, WHITHER using basic block profiling spectra. We experimented with two different similarity measures and the Siemens suite of 132 programs with injected bugs. To measure the success of the tool, we developed a generic method for establishing the quality of a report. The method is based on the way an “ideal user...
Manos Renieris, Steven P. Reiss
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where KBSE
Authors Manos Renieris, Steven P. Reiss
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