Fault tolerance for home agents in mobile IP

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Fault tolerance for home agents in mobile IP
In the conventional IP protocol, whenever a mobile device moves to a different network, it must change its IP address to communicate with other nodes in the Internet. Mobile IP protocol keeps mobile nodes online without changing theirs IP addresses while changing the attachment points. The packets destined to MNs are relayed by their HAs. However, once the only one HA fails, all MNs managed by the HA will not receive packets normally. In the paper, we propose a novel protocol with multiple MAs where only double mobility bindings are maintained in the whole system. When an HA is failed, its backup HA can take over it in a short time without fetching the bindings from other places. Besides, we also consider the load balancing between these HAs during HA takeover and recovery. Through the simulation, we observe that our method has less registration overheads, better MN-scalability and less sensitivity on MN mobility than others.
Yin-Fu Huang, Min-Hsiu Chuang
Added 11 Dec 2010
Updated 11 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Where CN
Authors Yin-Fu Huang, Min-Hsiu Chuang
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