An FDP-Algorithm for Drawing Lattices

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An FDP-Algorithm for Drawing Lattices
In this work we want to discuss an algorithm for drawing line diagrams of lattices based on force directed placement (FDP). This widely used technique in graph drawing introduces forces acting on nodes and lines. A balanced state of the system will result in a diagram fulfilling the desired properties due to the underlying physical model. In our framework the aim was to maximize the conflict distance. In contrast to existing programs our approach provides attribute additive diagrams since forces act on V -irreducibles only. Another relevant aspect is a careful initialization that helps to minimize the number of edge crossings. 1 Motivation We observe a growing demand on visualizations of concept lattices for representing knowledge in FCA. Several programs [1, 7, 15] use diagrams for exploring and analyzing database structures. Unfortunately, the automatic layout of the diagrams remains a difficult task. In order to gain the acceptance of the user, who is in general not an expert, the...
Christian Zschalig
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Year 2007
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Authors Christian Zschalig
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